A few weeks ago, Future Islands released their sixth album, entitled As Long As You Are. From the album art alone, it seems clear this is a different take on the Future Islands experience: it’s the only album art thus far to feature a photo of something real rather than striking surreal or abstract art. A lone house sitting isolated in a picturesque landscape describes the feeling of the 2020 experience quite well — though I’m sure we all only wish we had such an idyllic landscape to be isolated within.

To try to describe what Future Islands’ canon of…

Do you feel like you blinked your eyes and suddenly it was October? Has the global pandemic caused some of your old bad habits and mental health issues to resurface? Has a constant feeling of existential dread and anxiety about the future made you a little too comfortable with the ennui that has set in? Hey, me too. Living through historic world events isn’t easy.

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In trying to navigate the urge to continue being productive during a period in which my mental health hit rock bottom, I have found a few things that consistently help me stay afloat. A big…

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It’s a common experience in the queer community to often feel like we are on the outside looking in. In the US, same-sex marriage has only been ‘allowed’ in all states since 2015 when SCOTUS ruled it a constitutional right. Only 21 states currently have protections in place regarding discrimination toward LGBTQ+ people in housing and employment. The outcome for coming out for many people is still, unfortunately, being abandoned by or isolated from their loved ones. Politicians are still having discussions for some reason about trans people supposedly sneaking into restrooms to harass people.

It’s 2020, and this is…

I came out to find some drama and I’m honestly feeling so inspired right now.

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This year has just been shit, hasn’t it? Not even a global pandemic can convince some people in America to care about others; police brutality continues without any meaningful change or repercussions for the murderers; none of us know how this shitshow of an election will pan out in about a month; and more awful things seem to surface daily. Anyone with even a shred of empathy is burnt the fuck out at this point…and we’re only in October.

Everyone has had their own ways…

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I have spent the majority of my life so far hiding my thoughts and feelings from myself and everyone around me. I convinced myself that no one would care about the things I struggled with, or that people would simply think I was an attention-seeking fool incapable of handling my responsibilities if I asked for help. I have said things to myself that are infinitely more cruel than anything somebody in real life has ever said to me. And after years of convincing myself that my problems weren’t real or worth caring about, COVID came along and knocked me down…

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I have experienced anxiety daily for almost as long as I can remember. I’m sure it didn’t actually happen this way, but in my head it feels as though one day I was a happy, talkative child, and the next I became terrified of going anywhere, talking to people, or doing almost anything by myself. Nothing traumatic happened to spark this; it seemed as though the anxiety unearthed itself from my psyche, made itself comfortable, and then promptly stayed there rent-free for years and years.

Because I have lived more years with anxiety than without it, for most of my…


They/them. Musician, teacher, writer. Mental health advocate. Lover of cats, baked goods, astrology, and video games.

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